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  • Discounts for Fans

    Discounts for Fans

    From fan to customer. Offer special discounts and opportunities to your fans and convert them into your best customers. A single purchase will allow your business awareness to grow among your customer’s friends.

  • Flash Offers

    Flash Offers

    Use Flash Offers to engage your fans and increase your sales. A Flash Offer is a special promotion that only lasts for a short period of time.

  • Easy & Fast

    Easy & Fast

    Facestore is ready to go. It only takes you a few minutes to start selling. Take the trial offer and use your account for free in the first 14 days.

Don’t have a Facebook Page?

Don’t’ worry. Facestore offers you amazing possibilities for your business to go live

Facebook Store
Facebook Store
Facebook Store
Online Store
Online Store
Online Store
Pinterest Store
Pinterest Store
Pinterest Store
Mobile Store
Mobile Store
Mobile Store
...and it keeps evolving to give your business freedom to expand.

A management masterpiece

It’s beautiful, it’s powerful and it adapts to your needs.

  • Fits every type of business
  • It allows you to manage multiple stores at once
  • Integration with more than a dozen apps
  • It is unique in the World
Backoffice Backoffice Backoffice

All the features you need

In one unique platform

  • Multiple Stores in Multiple Pages
    Multiple Stores in Multiple Pages
    You can manage multiple stores using the same account, and each store can be installed in various Facebook pages.
  • Marketing tools
    Marketing tools
    Use our powerful marketing tools to obtain new customers: Re-marketing tools, Pixel Conversion, Flash Offers, Fan Discounts, Promotional Codes among many other tools.
  • Multiple payment methods
    Multiple payment methods
    Facestore offers multiple payment methods: Paypal. Credit Card, Wire Tansfer, Cash on Delivery.
  • Automatic Invoicing
    Automatic Invoicing
    With just one click send your customer’s invoice in a pdf file. Facestore is a certified software.
  • Full Product Customization
    Full Product Customization
    It allows you to customize your products in an unlimited way (color, size…) and to adjust your available stock for each product. Each variation may have its own price, SKU, weight and stock.  
  • Customer Support
    Customer Support
    Facestore Support team is available in a 24/7 basis. You can contact us by email ( ) or call us at +35191098437. We are always glad to help you.

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