Frequently Asked Questions
1 - FaceStore charges any commission for my sales?
0% commission. FaceStore don't charge any commission on sales of your store.
2 - Can I change the plan of my FaceStore?
Yes, you can change. Anytime you can change the plan of your FaceStore at BackOffice, and this change can be made in two ways:
1 - Moving the mouse over the name of your store in the backoffice and then clicking in Change/Renew Plan.
2 - Clicking Change/Renew Plan option that appears on the left side of your Backoffice, in the table under your current plan.

3 - What is a (Like) page on Facebook?
Companies, brands, and other professionals, such as artists and musicians, can create Facebook Pages to share information and interact with people on Facebook. Pages are free and can be used to replace an external site through Facebook Ads. To learn more about the advantages of having a Facebook page and get, step by step, directions on how to start and run a page, please visit: Facebook Pages section for companies.
4 - What is the 14 days free trial period?
You need to register in FaceStore and have or administer a Facebook Page (like page , not personal page) . If you don't have a Facebook page, you can create one here .
5 - How do I install FaceStore application on my Facebook page?
In backoffice you can install the Facestore application on your Facebook Page .
6 - I want to create my shop on Facebook. How do begin?
Start your store by creating a Facestore account.

7 - Can I remove the Facestore application from my Facebook page?
Yes. As any application on Facebook, Facestore can be removed from your Facebook. 
8 - When can I start selling?
You can start your online business immediately after installing Facestore application on your Facebook Page.
9 - How do I disclose my shop on facebook?
A free way to advertise your Facestore store is to write a post on your Facebook page and put link to your store. So, all your fans can see your publication on their Facebook news feed.

Another way is to create a Facebook Ad relationed with your online store. The announcement will be seen, not only by fans of your page, but also by friends of your followers. Thus, your Ad will have a great range and a major number of people can see your Facestore. To create an Ad on Facebook click in top bar of Facebook "Create Ad".

The Ad creation menu on facebook is the same as the following image :

10 - What is Facestore?
Facestore is an innovative e-commerce platform, 100% portuguese,  which allows any company to open an online store and sell products directly on your Facebook page or through mobile devices. Allows also to sell through websites or own domains, providing online stores for multiple business areas with an integrated backoffice system for management of all activity. 
11 - I purchased a paid professional plan and I didn't renew the monthly (or annuity). My FaceStore is eliminated?
No. If you don't renew, your store will remain active but you don't have access to the Backoffice features. To get access, again, to all the features of Backoffice you have to pay the renewal. Payment of renewal will always be calculated from the first day that the plan has expired.
12 - How to cancel my Facestore account?
When you want you can cancel your Facestore account, from Backoffice.
13 - If I have a problem with my FaceStore, I will have assistance?
Yes you will always have assistance. All plans include a helpdesk for placing questions, and the paid plans include a telephone support, which runs from Monday to Friday from 10am to 18pm.
14 - What payment methods can I have in my Facebook shop?
You'll have available, in your store, payments by Visa, PayPal, depending on the chosen plan.
This payment is integrated with FaceStore. 
In the case of Visa and Paypal you have to make contracts directly with the entities.
15 - Any transaction fee will be charged?
For every transaction made by Visa will be charged a commission of 2.95% + € 0.35 plus VAT.
By PayPal isn't charged any commission.
16 - How is made the collection of postage when I send my orders?
The FaceStore platform is prepared to work with several shipping companies.
You can set the value of postage for each product or load a carrier sized table with whom you will work. 
17 - Only people with Facebook account can view my store?
No. Customers to access your store doesn't need to have a Facebook account and can access your store normally through your page address. 
18 - How to set up your PayPal account?
Access to this article to understand how to create a Paypal account:

19 - How to preview the store without installing on facebook?
The store must be installed on Facebook, however, if you have the store offline only you can you see the store. 
20 - How to view the store in mobile version?
Only professional plans can have store in mobile version. 
But if you don't have a pro version, you can buy an app. 
21 - Customers have to fill all the data whenever they make an order?
It depends of the selected template. In professional templates the customer can register only once and log in to perform various orders.
22 - How to add more languages to my Facestore?
To add various languages to your store you need to have a professional plan. Access "Configurations > Set up shop"  and chose the number of idioms you want. We have PT, EN, ES, FR and DE idioms. 
23 - How can I see my shop invoices?
All invoices are available on "Current Account". 
24 - How can I change my password?
Click on "Username" and then "Manage Users".
25 - How to change the currency?
Access to your backoffice and click on "Configurations > Set up Shop" and access to currency option. 
26 - How to configure the countries of the shop?
To configure the countries where you want to deliver the productos of your store, access "Configurations > Configure Ports" and choose the countries you intend. 
27 - I get some information about the dispatch of orders?
The client and the seller receive an email to inform the tracking of the carrier. 
28 - Who is responsible for sending an invoice to the customer, when a product it's sold?
Your store is responsible to send an invoice, about the ordering, to the customer.
29 - I receive any notification about an order and payment of the same?
You always receive an email when the order is paid by Visa and PayPal, which are the means of automatic payment that we work with.
In your BackOffice the status of the order and payment is automatically changed. 
30 - How to set fixed values on ports?
In the product sheet set "fixed ports" and “no” in multiplied by the amount.
31 - How to set up the payment method?
Click in "Configurations > Configure Payments".
32 - How to know which countries are VAT exempt?
Click in "Configurations > Configure VAT rates".
33 - How can I change the image of the TAB?
Click on the arrow next to the TABs, pass the mouse over FaceStore and click on the pencil.
Click in "Edit Settings". 
34 - How can I pay my plan?
Through the backoffice, click in "Change / Renew plan" and you can make the payment of your plan. 
35 - Does Facestore refund the contracted services?