How to Promote Your Store on Facebook

The first step is released, you created the page of your company on Facebook, installed the FaceStore and waits for the first orders begin to arrive. We are on track!

Admittedly, depending on business to business, sales can take more or less time to happen, but it is essential not to disregard the promotion of your store and using the various tools that can help promote your store.

Keep in mind that Facebook continues to grow and according to company data, 1.15 billion people are connected to Facebook every month, and 699 million do it daily. In Portugal Facebook has about 4.7 million users, which corresponds to almost 90% of internet users in our country, and this has been one of the main reasons why more and more Portuguese companies are betting on a presence on this platform.

With an audience with these characteristics, falls an old myth that Facebook only participating youth and adolescents. In fact, the two larger segments are 25-34 years (25%) and 35-44 years (22%) and the fastest growing is larger than 55 years. It's time for your company to take this opportunity!

1.Share products on the Wall of your Page

A good strategy to start promoting your store is FaceStore publish their products to the Wall of your page. In this way the products are released in your page and will appear in the Wall (News Feed) of their fans. The FaceStore offers a tool that allows you to publish your products directly to your page:

Go to Manage Products, click "Publish" in the product line you want to publish on your page

In the next window write a description about your product. Click the Share button

Your product is immediately published in your page's Wall with the picture of the product and a direct link to the product page within your store. This post also appears to his followers in the News Feed.

2. Promote your Page

A great way to promote your store is more "Likes" to your page. The more "Likes" your page conquer, the greater the reach of their publications within Facebook as it will appear to a wider audience. Do not forget that every "Like" is a user which in turn represents your group of friends. Every interaction that user do on your page, exposes your page to their group of friends, is called this the "viral effect"

To promote their page should use the promotional tool that Facebook offers. Take note that there are many companies that promise to sell "Likes" to your page in exchange for a payment, but often these "Likes" are obtained unlawfully and robots so that generate fake profiles. Facebook can close your page if it detects that uses one of these schemes.

For more Tastes through the Facebook promotion tool click Promote Page.

The next window choose the daily budget (which varies depending on the number of tastes that will be achieved) and choose the public who should read the announcement and may choose to target by countries or cities.

Add a source of Financing

Facebook needs to know how you intend to pay for your ad and can choose to use a credit card or your Paypal account. Weekly Facebook withdraw from your account the amount concerned, depending on the daily budget that you set and the number of tastes that were obtained.

Below is waiting for the result. Every day, Facebook will display an advertisement in the News Feed to friends of his fans to suggest them to also enjoy from your page.

May at any time cancel or stop your ad through the Ad Manager