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  • FaceStore charges any commission for my sales?
    0% commission. FaceStore don't charge any commission on sales of your store.
  • Can I change the plan of my FaceStore?
    Yes, you can change. Anytime you can change the plan of your FaceStore at BackOffice, and this change can be made in two ways:
    1 - Moving the mouse over the name of your store in the backoffice and then clicking in Change/Renew Plan.
    2 - Clicking Change/Renew Plan option that appears on the left side of your Backoffice, in the table under your current plan.

  • What is a (Like) page on Facebook?
    Companies, brands, and other professionals, such as artists and musicians, can create Facebook Pages to share information and interact with people on Facebook. Pages are free and can be used to replace an external site through Facebook Ads. To learn more about the advantages of having a Facebook page and get, step by step, directions on how to start and run a page, please visit: Facebook Pages section for companies.
  • What is the 14 days free trial period?
    You need to register in FaceStore and have or administer a Facebook Page (like page , not personal page) . If you don't have a Facebook page, you can create one here .
  • How do I install FaceStore application on my Facebook page?
    In backoffice you can install the Facestore application on your Facebook Page .
  • I want to create my shop on Facebook. How do begin?
    Start your store by creating a Facestore account.

  • Can I remove the Facestore application from my Facebook page?
    Yes. As any application on Facebook, Facestore can be removed from your Facebook.