Facebook Statistics

Facebook is the social network with greater relevance and impact on the internet. The number of users worldwide has exceeded billion. In Portugal are recorded about 4.7 million users, placing it in 34th in the list of countries with access to Facebook, led by the United States, Brazil and India.

Globally, the average time spent on Facebook per month is 6.3 hours. Daily, 58% of users access to Facebook. Every day are made 3.2 billion "Likes" and comments.

In Portugal, 49% of Facebook users are women and 51% men, and the age group with the most frequent users is between 25-34 years. The brands that lead the national ranking of more fans are TMN, Vodafone Portugal and Worten. With the most "Likes" in publications in Portuguese pages stand out from the Super Bock, Samsung, Mercedes and Liquor Beirão.

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