What is Social Commerce?

The Social Commerce is the integration of e-commerce (E-commerce) with social networks. Essentially, the Social Commerce seeks to create an interactive environment where consumers can exchange information relating to a product, its purchase, as well as their own user experience. Sharing a newly acquired product can arouse the interest of friends and followers, making them into potential consumers of this product. A recommendation from someone close, which belongs to the same network of interest or affinity, has a greater influence on the opinion of a consumer than a marketing campaign.

Currently, Facebook is the center of social activity online. It people share and comment on ideas, tastes, images, videos ... Integrating Social Commerce Facebook has allowed that, without leaving this social environment where they spend most of their time, can purchase your favorite product and share it instantly .

The FaceStore presents itself as a platform that facilitates socializing on Facebook an online business, thus strengthening the relationship with customers and visitors making it closer, fair and lasting. The success of this business relationship increases the sharing of positive information influenced prospects.

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